Stories I Am Working On Right Now . . .

Here are the stories I am currently writing/planning . . . .

Main Story:

Battle Scars (stand-alone)
What it's about: "Everything was perfect in Brittany's life up until the day she wasn't accepted into her dream college. That was also the day she found out her best friend, Maryann, was a self-harmer. She reacts as most people would react: disgusted. And then she left her friend's house with a few cruel words behind her.
Two days later, she gets a phone call that Maryann is dead. It appears to be suicide. Brittany's life is shattered. She doesn't know what to do any longer. Until her guardian angel starts talking to her. He thinks she should befriend the known cutter at school. A girl who always sits alone and has no one to talk to. So Brittany does.
Her life is changed again when she meets Meghan, the cutter. And she suddenly sees what Maryann had been going through. Everything is changed, and Brittany wants to fix it all; but how?"

Other Stories I Am Writing:

Changing Time (Series name undecided)

What it's about: "It all began in the year 2076. And it's all Marcus's fault. Marcus Harper is from the future Chicago, the son of a time traveler. WWIII breaks out over the mysterious way of travel, and Marcus's parents are killed. All countries separate into four large kingdoms, rivals of each other. Now, nearly 30 years later, Marcus is recruiting the help of four teens from the past to restore the future. Can they take out the evil king and queen, and the "police"? Can they forget their pasts? Only Time will tell . . . "

Stories I am Planning:

Stories on hold:

Belonging (With Becki Badger)

Forbidden Love (With Abri Badger)

 Endangered (Book 1 of The Imperiled Hearts trilogy)

Threatened (Book 2 of The Imperiled Hearts trilogy)

Jeopardized (Book 3 of The Imperiled Hearts trilogy)


  1. Hi Katelyn, Im Kristin! I'm a young writer(age 12), and I really want to get a book published but I dont know if I'm good enough, plus I cant keep on writing a story without either losing it or not having enough stamina... HELP! How the heck do you do it?!

    I also have a blog of my own if you want to see my stories...

    1. Kristin, nice to meet you! You have come to the right girl. ;) I remember wondering the same thing when I was 12.
      First off, don't force it. If you feel as if your story just isn't working, stop! Take a break from it! That's the best thing you can do!
      Second, you need to have a support group. A group of people who will encourage you when you start feeling down. Go here: if you have Facebook. These people can help. :) If you don't have a Facebook account, go to They can help too. :) I'm glad you found my blog, and if you keep checking, I'll try to help you and anyone else here. God bless, Kristin, and remember, you have to believe in yourself before anyone else can.

    2. Oh, Kristin. I know just how you feel. I'm not 12 anymore - it's been years since then - but I have the same problems as you! I seriously don't think I'm good enough, and I have a lot of trouble keeping the story straight in my mind. I'm glad I've resorted to writing things in one particular notebook that fits in my purse. Otherwise, I'm pretty certain I'd lose it completely.

      Actually, I write different things down in different places. That can be confusing, but it's been a life-saver. I lose things pretty easily.

  2. Hey! I'm a 18 year old writer in the midst of getting an agent for my first novel, would love it if you checked my blog out, which talks about my book and other fun and exciting things in my day to day life! 🙏🙏

  3. It's if it isn't linked thru my profile 😊