Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo

Well, guys. I'm at it again. Doing Camp NaNo. Most likely, I'm behind. And most likely, I'm not happy about it. I wouldn't know, since I wrote this post right before midnight on the 30th. I'm just guessing, because I know my future self so well. We're a lot alike.

Most likely I'm sitting on my computer, looking at Facebook as you read this. If not, I'm probably on Pinterest. Hiding. From my story and all of the scary parts that just terrify me.

Yeah, writers get scared too. Big shock, I know. I mean, somewhere amidst the brutal murders and insane plot twists, we have to get afraid of something. I know I do.

Here are a few things I become afraid of while writing a story.

  1. That it ends up boring. I'm sure every writer is scared of this while working on the first draft. Unless they're very popular and can do no wrong in the eyes of their readers (Must be nice). But, really though. It's pretty scary. Say you start out with this awesome plot line and everything's going great, until you decide to read over it to gather your inspiration up a bit. Bad decision. Turns out, you find yourself skipping over parts because you can't stand how boring it is. And then you realize -gasp- that if YOU find it boring, so will your readers! 
  2. My characters. This may sound silly to you. But I'm serious. I'm afraid of my characters. Do you know what I go through with them? DO YOU? Every. Single. Day. They make me mad. They do things in the stories that I didn't plan for, and then they cause everything to become wild and crazy and then my story messes up and I feel like I ruined it. So, yes, I'm afraid of them.
  3. I'm scared of how it will be received. This is, after all, a story that will be read and handled by the public. It will be criticized and dragged through the dirt. And that scares me. I work so hard on these things. But it's not even the critiquing that scares me. It's the fact that I write about so many difficult topics that people want pushed under the rug, so to speak. I mean, who really wants to read about bullying and self-harmers? Who wants to read about a girl who tried to be perfect, but could never quite measure up? Really, I'm afraid it'll all be for nothing in the end. 
  4. I'm afraid of how the book will affect me. It seems funny, right? But it's not. When I write about something like this . . . it hurts and it never lets you forget about what you learned to write this book. It never lets go of you, and I think that . . . writing a book like this can change your life, the way you look at life, and the way you respect things around you. But will it be for better, or for worse?

So, while I go drown my fears with Pinterest and Facebook and (hopefully) chocolate, you just think about what you fear about your story, and share it (if you want) in the comments. If you don't want to, then don't. It's not like I can do anything about it.

Now, I'm going to go before I fall asleep on the keyboard. Yeah, I'm THAT tired. Happy April! And Happy Camp NaNo (for those of you doing it)! And . . . . may the odds be ever in your favor. 

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fashion Tag!

The fashion tag . . . . I was tagged by Leah from Apassionata. Thanks Leah!

1) How would you describe your style?

Modest and casual. I'm just the kind of girl that doesn't even care what I'm wearing, as long as it matches and fits my comfort zone.

2) What are your wardrobe staples?

  The awkward moment when you don't know what this means. . . And Google doesn't have the answer. Thankfully I have a best friend . . . who doesn't know either . . . but her mother does. So, I'm just going to say: Maxi skirts and heeled boots. I can't live without those. 

3) Most expensive item you own?

Most likely, it's under $12. If I bought it. I refuse to pay more than $12 for one dress, or even $8 for a shirt, so . . . yeah. Pretty sure it's a lovely purple dress that I wear every time I get the chance.

4) Most wanted item?
At this moment . . . something light and pretty, with a colorful pattern. Maybe a skirt or dress. 
5) Favorite Designer?
O.o I . . . don't know. Um . . . I don't have one. 
6) How much do you spend on clothing?
 Annually? Around $100-$150. Individually? I'm picky about prices. If a dress is over $12, I'll refuse to buy it, unless I absolutely love it. I never buy a shirt over $8, no matter what. I can find cheaper, just as cute things elsewhere. Skirts can't go over $10. This is how I got 15 items for just over $50 once. Well, actually, nearly every time I shop.

7) Favorite places to shop?
Ross', Goodwill's, and thrift shops. 
8) Favorite fragrance? 
I like lavender and lemon scented things. I don't have a particular fragrance that I like, though.  
9) Favorite way to have your hair?
I love trying to braid my hair. I'm not very good at it yet, but I'm working on it. I normally just leave my hair down and not brush it for days, because I'm so awesome (AKA, lazy). 
10) What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?

Jean skirt and random shirt. 

11) Most prized possession?
My books. Oh, you meant clothes? Uh . . . . my heeled boots. I love them. I've had them for about two years now, and they're great. They go all the way up to my knee, so the help with modesty. Not to mention they were my first pair of boots, ever. 
Now I have to TAG people. O_O Which means I have to beg someone who wants to do it. Um . . . . 
Anyone who wants to do it!