Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Writing prompts!

Welp, today starts off Camp NaNo. Yesterday I said I'd be doing writing prompts to get me warmed up. And I said I'd post them. So . . . here is one.

I've chosen ones that go along with my story, in a way, so I could warm up my brain for "Endangered". Here we go:

This time, you’re in too deep. Your gambling losses have been mounting and, with a recent ill-advised bet, have put you $50,000 in debt. Your bookie, knowing you don’t have that kind of cash, is willing to wipe your debt clean if you carry out a very dangerous mission for him. (This isn't exactly what I'm writing about, but I stayed on topic as much as I could.)

What I wrote: 

Lord Mendes threw his last few pounds on the table and rubbed his jaw, feeling the rough stubble that lined his lower face. That was it. He was now officially ruined. He had lost it all. All because a horse had to go lame. He ought to pummel the stable hand for not exercising the horse properly before racing him. 
     Lewis Redler strutted up to him with a smug smile across his face. "Well, well, well. The great Lord Mendes has been defeated." He jabbed his thumb into his chest. "By me."
     Lord Mendes shrugged. "We all have bad bets. I shall win it back soon enough." He said, trying to believe the lie. 
     Lewis laughed and shook his head. "Sure you will. I think we both know you are out of money. And I think you know that you have just given up your children's inheritance." The smug smile quickly grew into a grin, only provoking Mendes' anger. 
     "I shall win it back. I will." He glared at Lewis, hoping to intimidate him from saying anything else. 
     Lewis just raised an eyebrow. "I do not believe you will. Which is why I am giving you a chance to win it back."
     Mendes leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. "I am listening."
     Lewis pulled out a chair, his smirk telling. "For me to erase your debt, and perhaps give back what you have lost, you have to do one favor for me."
     Mendes nodded. "Anything."
     "Wonderful. You should have no problem with this then. There is this . . . family. They are no one really. Just a few servants, though one of their daughters, who is nineteen years of age, is pretty enough. Anyway . . ."
     Mendes felt his heart drop. Whatever it is that Lewis wants you to do is not good, his gut told him. I have no other choice, he thought back. David and Cordelia . . . This is the only way to save our estate and their inheritance
     He quickly made his decision and pushed his conscience to the side. "I told you, whatever it is, I will do it."
     Lewis smiled slowly and nodded, his eyes triumphant. "Good, good. I want you to kill the family. Oh, but save the daughter. Only then will you be debt free."
     Mendes felt like he had been punched in the gut. Should he? No. Could he live with that on his conscience for the rest of his life? Perhaps. He needed the money back . . .
     His head shot up and he looked Lewis in the eye. "I will do it. When?"

I don't think this will be put in my story . . . but hey, who knows? Maybe it can go into "Threatened". I'll post more writing prompts later.

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. This is a really neat blog you have here! I love your story--definitely book worthy! :) Good luck on nanowrimo!

  2. Cool, Katelyn! So, this is why the book's called endangered? Because a guy's out to kill a bunch of people?

    1. Nope. :P I don't know if this'll fit in the book, but it's called Endangered because-- Hmm, maybe I'll write a blog post on that. :P

  3. Kataleen, I tagged you in a blog game! ^_^ Also, these prompts sound like fun. Where did you find them? o.O

    1. Yay! I love blog games. Um, I found THIS prompt on Writer's Digest website. They have a section only for prompts, so I got to look and pick out a few.