Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Christmas . . .

Hello! How was everyone's Christmas? I hope it was awesome. Mine was.

My favorite part of Christmas is the food. We have turkey, ham, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, all different kinds of beans, homemade biscuits, chicken and dumplings, and some other stuff that I've already forgotten. For dessert, we have pumpkin pie, pecan pie (which was, sadly, absent this year), apple pie, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc.

Really, eating Christmas dinner at my grandma's house will cause you to gain quite some weight, even for those of us who don't gain much weight easily. After eating, I always feel too stuffed to move, until I'm forced to go outside.

This year, I had gotten The Hunger Games movie and Hunger Games board game, which two of my siblings, Randy and Hannah, were ecstatic about. So, when we went outside, Randy decided we were playing Hunger Games with those cardboard rolls that wrapping paper was wrapped around. We had plenty of those. So, I grabbed one, Randy grabbed one, and we were off. Smacking and jumping and twirling and ducking, we ran all around the backyard, which my mother and grandma found entertaining (our Capitol audience, apparently).

We got Hannah into the fight for a few seconds, by smacking her on the back with them. Her and I were allies for the ten seconds she played. After those ten seconds, she left me to fend for myself with my limp, broken cardboard roll.

My roll was in great need of retirement, but I couldn't hold Randy off with my bare hands. So, I just started twirling and swinging my roll everywhere. And then I charged at him. That always scares him. He jumped back, and I ran in the opposite direction, charging for the stack of rolls that were in perfect condition, Randy hot on my heels. I grabbed two and threw my broken one on the ground. I then started doing some kind of awkward dance that was supposed to be intimidating. Randy found it to be hilarious. -_- We ran around for about ten minutes, swinging and kicking and yelling. I had worn out all of the rolls. I finally threw my last one on the ground and screamed, "I GIVE UP!!!" before plopping down on a kiddie picnic table that I'd had when I was a wee kid. Everyone found this funny.

And then, out of no where, a perfect-condition roll appeared. I grabbed it up and went right for Randy. He smacked me in the face with his roll, leaving me half-blind for a few seconds, wildly swinging at thin air. After that, it got personal. I chased him around screaming. This went on until I started feeling sick. I plopped back down on the table, but Randy wasn't done. Oh, no. He started talking junk to me and hitting me with his cardboard. I got sick of it and threw a pinecone at him, screaming insults and threats at him, loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. There were a lot of death threats.

Randy apparently got bored of this and went to play football with Daddy. And then Daddy got the brilliant idea to see who could catch the football from . . . say, 20 (estimated) yards away. Whoever did not catch the ball after two tries would have to clean the entire house. Alone. . . .

Randy caught the ball. And then, they decided I had to play. I did not want to play. Hannah screamed, "I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!!!" But Daddy rejected her offer. -_-

So, there I stood. 20 yards away from the person throwing the ball. I didn't even try at first. I watched it bounce off the ground in front of me. The second time, I ran towards it and opened my arms. I closed my eyes, sure I was going to get hit in the face with it. But, somehow, the thing landed in my arms. I DIDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE! It was amazing.

And after eating a brownie that seemed to be imitating a pecan pie, we all went home. I watched my brand-new movie and fangirled over each wittle, bitty scene. Hannah watched with me, and we had an awesome night.

That's how my Christmas went! How was yours?

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. ROFL That was a hilarious recount of your "Hunger Games" excursions with your family! I loved reading it. It reminds me of stuff my brothers and I do...running around the yard doing the "every man for himself" routine of survival. :D OH! And I literally just saw you have a GFP button up. *squeals* Thank you so much for the support there!! Blessings!

    1. :D Yes. My brother and I fight all of the time, so we have plenty of practice.

      And anytime! I really enjoy your blog!