Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Next Big Thing!

Hi y'all! I was tagged by Cynthia P. Willow. Check out her blog here. And her books here. She has two books (That I know of), out right now. They are Christian Fiction with a touch of Fantasy. Check her out!

So, Miss Cynthia tagged me in this Blog Hop, called "The Next Big Thing." So, I'm going to blog about the my latest work in progress.

Title: The Girl Who Couldn't Cry (working title).

Where did the idea come from?
Well . . . I was sitting in the bathtub. And I've always had a fascination with the water and waterdroplets. So, I was watching the water drop from my fingertips back into the water, and watched it ripple. And my crazy brain started twisting the idea of water falling. Soon, it became teardrops. And then I came up with the idea of a girl who couldn't cry, and if she did, she would die. I wanted to write it for some time, but Changing Time was taking my time and I had to focus on it.

Genre: Uh . . . Sci-fi/Fantasy

What actors would play your character in the movie version?
Ugh. I have no clue! You see, I just started, and I haven't really thought of my dream cast. Not to mention I don't have a (real) villain yet. So . . . . Well, let's say the dream cast will most likely change with time. 


So, with that, I would have Alex Mills or Josh Hutcherson as Greg (AKA Thyril) Landers. I can't pick, because I can imagine both of them as Greg (Thyril) so easily. But I don't think I would want Josh Hutcherson (as wonderful a person as he is) playing my womanizer, jerk of a character Greg.

Now, I can't choose between Kiera Knightly, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nina Dobrev for my Ritia. They all have that look to them. Fierce, determined, tough. So, one of these three for Ritia would be fine.
So, I'm stuck between Dianna Agron (I think that's her name) and Reese Witherspoon for Ritia's friend, Courtney. Jennifer Lawrence is a blonde, too, so she might fit this part too.

So, I'm not sure if this girl is famous or whatever (I'm not even sure if she's played in anything. I'm getting all of these pictures off Google Images because I was too lazy to think up any real actors/actresses for my characters), but this is Karen Gillan (or so Google says), and I think she would be perfect for my character Ginger, who shall become bigger to the plot later on (Like, Book 5 or something, if I even get that far).
So, Alex Pettyfer or Taylor Lautner for Greg's best friend, James. Neither of them look very much like him, but hey. Beggers can't be choosers, and I could find NO ONE else that even faintly resembled the image in my head.

Donald Sutherland would probably be the best for my villain (the one I think I have). He looks like the evil scientist, "I-want-to-control-the-world" type. My villain HAS NO NAME, though. (._.) YET.
Short Synopsis: Greg Landers can never seem to catch a break when it comes to relationships. He's never been very good at staying with one person for too long. He's what his friend, James, calls a heartbreaker. After another breakup, Greg meets Ritia Mason, a mysterious girl who seems to be stalking him. Little does he know, he happens to be her assignment. Ritia Mason is a girl that was medically altered by the Russian government before she was even born. She was brought to America by a kind-hearted employee at the facility where she was kept as a child. Now the Russian government is looking for her, fifteen years later. But it's not only Ritia that they're after . . .
Agency Representation: None yet. I hope to have one by next year, though.
How long did it take to write the first draft?
Well, I just started two days ago, on the 1st. So, it's no where near finished. But I hope to be finished with the first draft in no more than a few months.
What other books in this genre compare?
None that I know of . . . I haven't read much Sci-fi/fantasy in a while.
Who or what inspired this WIP?
The bathtub and water.
Anything to add?
Check out Virtious Girlhood's blog here! She's been tagged!
God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. Oh that sounds like a great concept for a novel! I love the pictures.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and about your WIP!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to know you enjoyed it. :D

  3. Thanks for tagging me Katelyn! I love what you are doing with your charries :D

    1. Anytime! And I know, right? All of my charries are evil. And not like "just in my head and just for me" evil. More like, "out for my own good and don't care who gets hurt" evil. It's almost hilarious. Anyway, thanks! I can't wait to see your post. :D

  4. I stole Alex Pettyfer for mine too... ;) But his younger self, which I like better.

    I like this! And Karen Gillan is actually a Scottish actress! (Thank you, Google!)

    1. Ah! I knew I should have googled her. :D