Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Characters In Costume: Character Accessories

So, I have been putting this post off. But I needed to get it in while it was still March, so here it is!

I'm using Natia from my WIP Changing Time. What is something she never leaves HQ without?

That was easy for me. Her Viper Knife. Now, the Viper Knife is something I made up. So I had to draw up the stuff. Keep in mind this is ME drawing. And I took the pictures with a terrible camera. So, here is her Viper Knife.

Basically, it's a knife that looks like fangs. It has razors that snag flesh. Once it snags flesh, it releases snake venom that kills in seconds, if the stab didn't.

Natia never leaves anywhere without it. Her friend/enemy, Marcus, made it for her. He's obviously a genius.

Here's the main post, if you want to see anyone else's character post.


  1. Hey Katelyn, I tagged you in a fashion tag post!