Monday, March 18, 2013

Playlist Fiction

Hiiiiiii! I know, I know. I'm a bad blogger. Over a month since I last posted? *huff* How dare I?

But, I'm going to blame it on school, vacation, my new puppy, and Playlist Fiction. Guess what? I have a treat for you guys!

This post is about Playlist Young Adult Fiction. Wanna know something cool? I'm on the street team. And it's been top-secret stuff for the past few weeks. So, I couldn't mention a word of it. But today is launch day! So I get to overwhelm you guys with its awesomeness! *happy shriek*

I've been reading the books and preparing everything for this. I've been so impatient for today! But today is here, so I'm happy. ^_^ Now, back to subject.

I'm going to tell you some cool stuff about Playlist Fiction, but remember, I ramble, and I'm kinda tired, 'cuz I just got back from vacation yesterday around 1am. So . . . I'm out of it. But I'm going to try! Now, let's start with the first book of Playlist.

"It's Complicated" by Laura L. Smith.

About the book: It's Complicated releases April 1st, so there's not much I can tell you. I can tell you that I've read it, and that it's amazing. I enjoy it SO much, and I can't wait for the next book, "It's Over"! You won't want to miss this book if you like drama and friendship (AND HUNGER GAMES REFERENCES *coughsorrybutnotsorrycough*).

About the author:
Laura L. Smith is the author of the new Status Updates series. Her first book in this series is It's Complicated. She loves God, her husband, her four children, writing and speaking. She writes real stories for real young women. Her previous books include Skinny, Hot, and Angry. She is a featured columnist at Choose Now Ministries and speaks at schools, churches and campuses around the country. Smith lives in the college town of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
 If you want to follow this author on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook, click on those words. They'll lead you straight to them. 

This is just ONE author. Visit again tomorrow to learn about the next author. Throughout this week, I'll be discussing Playlist Fiction, what they're about, who they write for (pretty obvious), and what they write about (also obvious). Tomorrow we'll discuss "Glass Girl" written by . . . Well, you'll see! Come by tomorrow! 

Oh, and guess what? We'll have a Playlist author and her friend, who is also a writer (Both are my two absolutely favorite people!) on the blog NEXT week. So make sure you keep checking in. Mwah! 

God bless! 
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. It was annoying to keep quiet about it wasn't it? But it's so worth it, going to be amazing!

    1. I didn't keep completely quiet. I told my brother. ._. But he's not on the internet, so all's good. Not to mention he didn't really listen when I talked about (and dramatized) the "top-secret club" I was in. xD

  2. Katelyn, you are a blessing. Thank you for sharing It's Complicated with your readers. I enjoy your writing voice and love Galatians!

    1. I'm happy to be a help! Galatians is my favorite book of the Bible.