Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Writing . . .

Hmm . . . Olympic writing? I know you're wondering, "What is 'Olympic writing'?" Well, I came up with this idea, and I'll get to that in a few minutes. First things first.

 It's time for the Olympics! It's time for us to root for our countries and favorite sports. I've been rooting for the good ole' USA in every sport. My favorite is the Gymnastics. And I've been cheering for Jordyn Wieber. You should have seen me and my siblings. We were having our own little party every time the USA won a medal.

Anyway, while watching the Olympics, I came up with an idea. Olympic writing. I haven't really fully developed the idea. But it would be something like NaNoWriMo, except it'd be for about 2 weeks. Well, maybe a month, we'll see. And we wouldn't try to write a whole novel in that short time. We'd have a set word count. Maybe . . . . try to get 25K in 2 weeks, or something like that. And the hosting blog would set the all-around word count. We'll do this once a month, or something like that.

Since I came up with the idea, I'll be the first blog to host.

I know, I know. I stink at creating rules. *eye roll* Okay, fine. Here we go.

The (rough draft) Rules:
  1. To be a host, you have to have a blog. You don't need a blog to participate in the writing though.
  2. You can be any age to join, but if you do join, you have to write. Please don't join and not write. 
  3. You have (so-and-so) amount of time to reach the goal set for everyone. 
  4. Everyone gets an Encouragement Buddy. One buddy per person.
  5. If you want to be/want an Encouragement Buddy, please state so in the comments below. 
  6. If you are/have an Encouragement Buddy, you have to keep in touch with them, anyway you can. FB, Email, blogs, phone, etc. Once you are an Encouragement Buddy, you must do just that.
  7. An Encouragement Buddy does just that. Encourage. You can vent, offer advice, etc. 
Okay. So that is a rough draft. Not all that great, but not too bad either. 

Okay, so these are the awards:

Now, these can go on your blogs or etc. Hey, you could even print them out. They will be awarded to the top three writers. If some of  the top three are writer buddies, both Buddies will get the medal they won (duh).

 Now . . . . if you have ANY suggestions, trust me, I will not mind if you voice them. I NEED to hear them. Just comment below. Also . . . you HAVE to enter by August 15th. I've decided that the first Olympic Writing event will be 2 weeks long. Our word count goal will be . . . . . 15K. Let's start off easy. ;) 

REMEMBER, if you want a Encouragement Buddy, state so in the comment. Encouragement Buddies will be chosen with a Random Number Generator. We will start on the 16th. The winners will be chosen by word count (I guess). So, even if you've made 15K, keep writing! 
Anything else that needs to be addressed? I can't think of anything. Hmm . . . . well . . . . in that case, I declare The Olympic Writing Event OPENED!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. Wow. Looks awesome! So when will this open? Cause one week in August I will be away from home and it might be during this! Which would be lame... But if I'm able to do it, of course I'd want a buddy!

    1. Well, you have to enter by the 15th. It starts on the 16th. I hope you're able to!

  2. What a neat idea! I had an idea similar, but I figured I could wait until the next Olympics :). I would LOVE to enter, and I'd love to be a buddy, and to have a buddy (If that's possible). Thanks. :)

  3. I'd love to , it sounds Amazing:) I'd like to have a buddy if it's okay:D

    1. Sure! I'll make sure to add you to the list of those who wants a buddy!

  4. Eh. Sadly, that'll probably be during a week I'll be gone! AGH! Now I'm sad lol. But have fun without me!

    1. :O Aww. Well, maybe you can host next month.

  5. are you going to do it again? (I'm a little confused here!)

    1. Yes. I'm HOPING that some other writer's blog will pick it up next month. I'm hosting this month, so I got to set the word count and the length of time we have to achieve that goal. I hope another writer will host next month. I think it'd be cool for my idea to go onto other blogs and become a bigger idea.

  6. I would like to do that. I would also like a partener

  7. Replies
    1. 15,000. It's about a novella word count.