Friday, July 20, 2012

Worldbuilding . . .

Hey y'all! Today, I'mma talk about one of my favorite parts of writing. WORLDBUILDING!!!! Yes! 

So . . . Let's start at the beginning. How does a person worldbuild? Well, I don't believe there is a right nor a wrong way to worldbuild. And it all depends on an individual's . . . eh, talents or comfort with technology, I guess you could say. 

If you are a person that can draw (I'm not talking stick figures here, people.), you can probably draw out everything in your mind's eye. And make it perfect for you! You could hang it beside your desk (Or wherever you write) and look at them, every time you need inspiration. 

And for us poor people who cannot draw to save our lives, there's the internet. Specifically, Pinterest. You see, Pinterest is the WONDERFUL website with tons of pictures. You have this board, and you "pin" pictures to it! It can be of anything at all. Even your own drawings. Click here to see my board. If you look at them, most of my boards are for my stories. I pin pictures of people who I think my characters look like, places and things that will be in my story, my characters' styles, etc etc etc. 

A pin of Adelaide, my character, of "Forbidden Love" 
Maybe this is a necklace given to each of the time travel girls (?) to tell them apart from others? Not sure. BUT I MUST INCLUDE THIS NECKLACE.
A necklace from "Changing Time", one that I have yet to figure out  what it means yet.
One of my pins on Pinterest, of Guinevere of "Endangered" 
Lacy's style
This one is a pin of Lacy Lee's style, of "Belonging".

Like I said earlier, there is no right or wrong way to worldbuild! And hey, you may not need Pinterest or drawing, you might be able to write down on paper (or computer) how your characters look. And you might be able to see them perfectly in your head, along with all the places they'll go and such. 

Sadly, I'm not like that. I'm a very visual/hearing person. I need pictures to imagine when it comes to my characters. 

How do you worldbuild? Tell me in the comments! PS: If you want to join pinterest (If you haven't already), it might take three months (That's how long it took me) to get invited. If you give me your email, I think I can get you up there in less than an hour. 

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. I'm not a very good world builder. I drew a map of my lands, and I used pinterest a little, but I have the worst trouble finding people I actually LIKE on there for my characters. *Sigh* How do you do it? I've tried pinterest and google...

    1. Well, have you tried using keywords when searching for picture on Google? Like, "Pretty blonde young medieval lady". Stuff like that has helped me.

  2. I find talking my world and plot out with someone helps me discover things that I wouldn't by just writing the story. It's kinda weird, but pretty awesome. :D

  3. Ah, more Pinterest craze... I'm not diving into it yet but I've found writing *everything* about my world in a notebook works *great* :-)

    1. Haha, I understand. I love Pinterest though!

  4. I like to find different objects or anything I can really feel and touch(whether it's actual people, trinkets, jewelry, parts of nature, ect) and turn them into something special or magic in my own mind. I find it fun to make a meaningless part of the world something extraordinary, I guess

    1. That's very wonderful, Kristin! A true writer, you must be. :)