Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Accidental Meeting" by Susette Williams

Accidental Meeting is a fantastic novella by Susette Williams. It's a Christian Romance full of fun and godly love. The characters jump from the page.
Abbey is a terrific character, her standards are high even when her job is at stake. She refuses to bend her morals for anything or anyone.
Bruce is an ideal hero. He's kind (though a bit annoyed at first) and handsome. He has a good heart, and loves the Lord.

I give this book 4 stars. It was awesome! After reading this book, I started on another of her books, "Winter Chill." 

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Back cover: Abbey Martin isn’t willing to be the kind of ‘player’ her boss wants her to be. When he threatens to not promote her because she refuses to get in ‘compromising’ positions, she quits. If a day can go from bad to worse, it does for Abbey. She runs into Bruce Harrington on her way home—literally. Bruce Harrington was on his way to a very important meeting. That was until a raving lunatic with brown, bouncy hair spiraled towards him in her car and then on foot. Maybe he should count it a blessing that when she sent him cascading over the side of the embankment—he wasn’t in his car. To make amends for causing Bruce to break a leg, Abbey becomes his chauffeur and helpmate until he recovers. When his cast is about to come off he has to face losing Abbey. There has to be some way he can keep her from walking out of his life forever. If a job offer won’t do it then perhaps it’s time for a proposal.

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. Cool! I <3 novella's, and I wish I had more of them. This looks like a fun book to read.

    1. It really was. This is the first novella I think I have ever read. It was awesome.

    2. Buy Sheildmaiden! You should read more novellas.

    3. I'm going to! As soon as I can get money in my mom's bank account, I'll buy it.