Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NaNoWriMo and Random Things

Okay, so, for some reason my posts haven't been posting. I don't know why. I probably did something to cause that, but I really can't think of what. So, if this doesn't post . . . well, you wouldn't be reading it, amiright?

Anyway, NaNoWriMo begins in SEVEN days (and a few hours). Yay! Let's hope I can actually get something written. I'll be using "Changing Time" for NaNo, this year, in hopes that I can finish SOMETHING. Of course, it's really up to me. I just have to stay focused (Which is something I'm terrible at).

What am I doing to prepare? Ha ha. Really, unless you count writing fanfiction, nothing. I was thinking about finding a few writing prompts, so I'll have to do that before next week. . . November is just a really hard time of year for me. So much going on. We have my sister's birthday, and then my brother's birthday, then my dad's birthday, and then my mom's birthday (which falls around Thanksgiving), and then there's NaNo, so . . . it'll be tough. This will be my first (real) year. I found out about NaNo last year, right before it ended.

The hectic life of a homeschooling writer (Who just happens to be the eldest of seven kids). That would definitely be me. I suppose NaNo would be easier if I actually planned my story out, and I know I'll be sorry I didn't, but . . . I really stink at planning books. I've never liked planning a book, I prefer it to go wherever it goes. But, only the book. I hate it when my characters develop minds of their own. And then they start talking to me.

I hate it when characters talk to me. Unless they have a brilliant story idea. Which is rare to never. Gilbert (from Endangered) has become my biggest problem. He thinks he is so stinking smart, and tells me on a daily basis that I am definitely not as smart as him. I keep threatening to kill him. But we both know that I need him for chaos and drama. *cough* That's about all he's good at, though. *cough*

And he's fussing me out for writing that right now. Last night, I had lost a really important piece of paper for my fanfiction, and I could not find it! Gilbert told me I was an idiot for losing it. I told him I'd admit he was smart when he told me, word for word, what I have written on that sheet of paper. My oldest sibling, Randy, heard me talking to Gilbert and said Mama should stick me in a mental hospital. I told him they probably should, since a writer is only a socially accepted schizophrenic. I then had to explain what that was.

*sigh* I guess it's good, for my writing at least, that my characters talk to me. I suppose that means they're not flat characters. But I really wish they'd talk to me about important things. Things I need to hear. Not their gibberish.

Welp, I've rambled on for too long, so I'll end the post now. Thanks for reading!

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. I'm doing Nano this year too! I only found out about it during my summer holidays, and I hope to finish (or get really stuck into) this book I'm writing at the moment.

    I think it will be a great chance to develop my characters, as they don't quite have the personality of your Gilbert!

    My NaNo username is BookFangirling - we could be writing buddies if you like!

    The Book Critic x

    1. Awesome! I'll go add you right now!

      Haha, I'm sure you wouldn't want someone who's personality is like Gilbert's. >_< He drives me batty sometimes.

    2. Gah, I added my username, but for some reason, it didn't show. Anyway, mine is KataleenTheKreative98.

    3. I have added you too! I look forward to talking to you about it throughout the month :)

    4. Same here! Can't wait for it to start!

  2. I've never done Nanowrimo. Partly because 1. I'm a freak and I never do anything that everyone else is doing and 2. I don't think I could handle writing 50,000 words in one month. It probably would be good practice for me though. Almost all of my writing friends are doing it. I might succumb to the pressure one of these years. *grins*

    Characters are EVIL. And that is all. -_- My siblings? They've already dubbed me insane. I cracked up at Randy's comment though. You know how much I can relate. :D

    And your blog hates me. So incase you haven't guessed this is Bobbie/RJ. I hate technology sometimes.

    1. Haha. I hate technology too, half the time.

      And yes, my brother is a fount of terrific sayings when it comes to me and my writing. -_- He . . . really enjoys making me mad. Your sibligns would probably get along really well with mine.

      And don't worry, NaNo isn't for everyone. But I think you could do it! I'm determined to win this year.

  3. Hello, I stumbled across your Pinterest board and found your blog. What are you writing this year? God bless you on your NaNoWriMo writing!

    1. Really? That's awesome! So excited to have a Pinterest follower find my blog. :D Thanks for checking it out!

      Well, this year I'm writing "Changing Time." It's a really crazy Dystopian, I guess. But it's super fun. Here's the link to the novel's page:

      I have an excerpt and summary (which stinks, but I guess it'll get better once I start editing it).

      Thank you, and I hope you come again!

    2. I added you as a buddy (under the name Lady Idril Aravis). Hope you don't mind! ;)