Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week #4, Day #3 of the 100-4-100 Challenge . . .

Wow, things are going great with the 100-4-100 challenge. I haven't missed a week yet.

So, far, this week I have written 2,358 words. And it's only Wednesday. Yesterday, I was at a dry spot. And I killed off a character. I have found killing my Endangered cast is heartbreaking, but it must be done.

I have written a total of 6,946 words in the last 4 weeks. Well, by the time you read this, hopefully I've gotten myself to 7,100 - 7,200 words. If not, I'm still going through my dry spot.

I don't exactly know how to deal with Writer's Block/dry spots, as I've tried every suggestion. I've thought about doing a writing prompt or something to help further it along or refresh my creativity.

I might write a little on Changing Time to give Endangered a break. I wouldn't count the words I write on there for the 100-4-100 thing, but it might help me get past this horrible Pit of No Words or Ideas.

Well, this was a really short post, but I need to write.

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV

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