Monday, October 1, 2012

October and Writing Goals . . .

Wow, it's already October! Where has the year gone? Time flies by so fast now.

Well, I have ten days until my birthday, and my birthday happens to fall on a Thursday. Hopefully, that Thursday there will be a new Person of Interest episode on. How else to make a birthday more perfect?

Also on my birthday, there will be a review and something (!!!!!) of "The New Recruit" by Jill Williamson. Tons of fun stuff planned for that post! So be sure to check back here on October 11th.

I think I am going to start making writing goals for myself. Once I finish my daily school work, I will force myself to pound out 1,500 words before getting on Facebook, Email, Pinterest, or any other social network (and whatever else) sites.

If I stick to that goal, I should make at least 9,000 -10,500 words a week. I'm not always able to get on a computer on Sundays, which is why I put a dash.

I'm starting this goal today. Maybe I'll finish the first draft of Endangered in a couple weeks, if I keep with this. That's my goal anyway. Once I finish the first draft, I'll take six weeks away from it (To clear my mind, of course), like everyone else.

I'll use that six weeks to work on my other writing projects. And I'll continue my writing goal, and maybe bump it up to 2K a day, to further my writing production. We'll see how it all works out when the time comes.

The reason I am informing you of this is so I will actually carry through with it. I tend to work better when I tell other people what I'm doing. If I just make a promise to myself, I'll most likely break it. But, if I tell a few other people, they think I'm going to do it, so I have to.

Brilliant plan, if I do say so myself. I look forward to starting this goal and challenge others to do so. ;)

Does anyone else here have a writing goal?

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV



  1. I need one! Right now I'm struggling to write 100 words a day. It's hard to do when writing by paper... maybe I should just type up my whole novel so I can work on it. :D

    1. :D Yeah, it would be hard to write on paper. I remember when I did that. *shudder* That was terrible.

  2. Good luck, Katelyn! That sounds like a great goal.... sadly I am not yet that disciplined. ;) I'm with Bethany - the 100 word challenge is all I can handle right now.

    1. Thanks! :D I'm not sure even *I* am disciplined enough. But I hope I will be by the time I'm done.

  3. Some advice about goals... this is something I learned in a psychology class and it has always made sense. What I learned is to set a small goal at first, and it should be measurable and have a time limit. So for instance if I said, "My goal is to eat healthy foods," I'll probably fail because I'm not ALWAYS going to eat healthy foods every day forever, and if I fail one day I'll be more likely to give up forever. So if I say, "Every day this week, I will eat a healthy lunch with a fruit or a vegetable, and no sugary treats." So I only have to focus on lunch, and only for a week. Once I complete that, I'm ready to move onto something else!
    So for you I would say, you've got it measurable already, so you can say something like, "On Wednesday and Friday this week, after homework, I will write 1,500 words before getting on the internet." Then, if you manage to do it Wednesday and Friday, you feel proud of yourself, and ready to tackle a slightly bigger goal for next week!
    Just my input... but of course you know what works best for you! :D

    1. Yes, it does sound reasonable. I think I'll try it like that for some time and then see if I can write that many words all week, everyday.