Thursday, October 4, 2012



Plagiarism stinks. Let me just say that right now. Stealing other people's work is low and terrible. But you know what stinks even more than plagiarism?

Being falsely accused of it.

That's right. I, Katelyn Marie Shear, have been accused of stealing work off the internet. For a stinking character study.

Now, I do character studies every single day with my own characters. And characters from other books. There is nothing I love more than tearing a character apart and learning what makes them go. So, this came as a surprise.

My darling English teacher didn't even have the decency to notify me of my charges. I wouldn't even know if I didn't keep such a good eye on my grades. When I say my English grade go from 94% to 93%, I went straight to my teacher comments.

My online school doesn't notify me when a teacher comments on a certain assignment/test/essay. I have to look through them all to find out if they did. So, I looked through tons of comments and found it. "You have committed plagiarism, blah blah blah." So I went to my messages and emailed that teacher.

I tried to tell them that I did not plagiarize. I tried to explain that this must be some sort of mistake. All they said was, "Really? Well, that's too bad. Go read our policy on Plagiarism."

I was getting angry by this time. But I went to read anyway. All it told me was why it's a crime and that if I do it TWICE, I WILL be expelled. That made me even madder. I emailed her back and told her there was no way I was going to be expelled.

It's been about a week or two since then. I've re-written the character study twice. They're still not happy. So, I have to call my teacher and talk to her about it. I can't guarantee that I will be exactly nice and polite, since the only trouble I've ever had in English happens just after she's hired. Of course, I'll try, but . . . . we'll see.

My teachers are set on giving me a hard time. Probably because I've corrected their grammar. And I've told them they need a whole new staff if they can't tell the difference between "Their" and "There", and make tons of spelling mistakes.

I can't help it, really. It drives me crazy when I see a mistake. I HAVE to correct it, ESPECIALLY if it's on my school. So, this is probably why they hate me. Not that I mind. I'm not exactly fond of them myself.

So, this is why I have been so edgy this past week. Now you know.

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, it is. I have an hour until our 'session'.

  2. Oh man, I feel your pain! Getting accused of plagiarism is serious stuff!
    And I know what you mean about the grammar and spelling. I've had tests with wrong grammar and spelling!
    I'm having online teacher issues myself...

    1. *sigh* I fear I will never get used to having teachers after teaching myself for 8 years.

      And all the English mistakes? AHHH!!!! Really, school is supposed to teach us that junk. Apparently, they have a few Fifth grade drop-outs working for them. ;)

  3. Oh girlie! I am so sorry. I have been accused of stealing a character in a round about way and I TOTALLY feel your pain. It STINKS. I probably shouldn't be laughing at the last few sentences, but I am. You are hilarious. Simply hilarious. I hope this whole mess is fixed though.

  4. Hahaha. I am glad I could give you a few moments of laughter. :D Hopefully, it will work itself out soon enough. She wants me to re-read the book. That was NOT one of my favorite books. *sigh* She says she's a fellow writer and reader. I'll try to keep that in mind while talking to her. *looks at clock* 15 minutes.