Friday, June 22, 2012

"Endangered" Cast: Breanne . . . .

Sorry everyone for not posting the latest interview! I've been a bit busy. Anyway, here we are with Breanne, Guinevere's once-upon-a-time friend and personal servant, now enemy. Perhaps she can shed some light on WHY they are enemies.

Breanne Bishop. My FMC's former best friend. Sweet smile, check. Red hair, check. Perfect, double check.

Hello, Breanne! How are you this exceedingly warm afternoon?

Breanne: I suppose I could be better. But I shall take what I can get.

Me: I'm not sure if that's an optimistic or pessimist view.

Breanne: I am neither. I am just a realist. Now, on to the interview?

Me: Oh, yes. Of course. Um . . . . How old are you?

Breanne: Eight and ten years of age.

Me: What do you think of Marc Barrington?

Breanne: He is a gentleman, but a bit too serious. But he does have spouts of humor, from what I have witnessed. I enjoy starring in a novel with him.

Me: What do you think of . . . . . *deep breath* Guinevere?

Breanne: *clenches fist and narrows eyes* She is a brat. A spoiled, ungrateful brat.

Me: Um . . . why do you say that?

Breanne: *jumps from chair and waves arms above her head, eyes flashing* Because she is!  She thinks that because she is a Montgomery, she can do as she pleases.

Me: How do you know her?

Breanne: Sadly, she was my employer. But when we get back to England, I shall collect my things and leave. I will work no longer for her.

Me: When did things start going wrong between you two?

Breanne: I do not know. Honestly. We were friends once, but the older we got, the more she seemed to despise me. *sits down*

Me: *nod* I see. Um . . . what do you think of starring in your own book?

Breanne: Would Guinevere be in it?

Me: Yes, but she'd have a better . . . . personality.

Breanne: I like the idea not in the least bit.

Me: Well, you will. You will star in a book entitled, "Threatened", whether you like it or not.

Breanne: You cannot force me to act out your crazy scenarios against my will!

Me: *thinking* You and Guinevere have more in common than either of you think. You two would be great friends if you tried.

Breanne: I refuse! If you have no other questions for me, I will be on my way.

Me: Wait! Okay, okay. Fine.  Do you think Guinevere and you will ever be friends again?

Breanne: I have no time for this. I have problems to tend to. *gets up and walks away*

Me: Why do you all do this to me!!!!! I am your writer!!! If you told me these problems, I could fix them!! I really do not like y'all right now!!!

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV

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