Monday, June 18, 2012

"Endangered" cast: Guinevere. . . .

I posted Saturday about how I began to write. So now I'll introduce you to my cast, starting with the most important, to the least.

Today, we'll start with Guinevere Montgomery.

Guinevere Guinevere is a rich girl who has it all. Money, friends, beauty, everything. She lives in a mansion that rests on over 100 acres in London, known by all as "Clandestine Manor".
Clandestine Manor

To help you get to know her better, I've decided to interview her.

Me: Hello, Guinevere! How are you this fine morning?

Guinevere: 'Tis a dreadful day, not fine at all! The sun's rays bore down on me, trying to flaw my complexion!

Me: Guinevere, stop being so stinkin' dramatic.

Guinevere *gasp* I do not put off an odor! How dare you, you peasant! Do you not know who I am?

Me: *sigh* Yes, I know who you are. I made you, Guinevere. I think I should know!

Guinevere: That is Miss Montgomery to you.

Me: Guinevere, stop acting childish! Could we get on with the interview?

Guinevere: You may, but I refuse to participate.

Me: More people will know you.

Guinevere: *jerks head and smiles prettily at audience* Oh, hello, darlings! Were you there the entire time? Oh, dear. Do forgive me. I am not normally so irritable.

Me: *snicker* Whatever.

Guinevere: *glare*

Me: *cough* Okay, so, um . . . where were we? Oh, yes! Guinevere, how old are you?

Guinevere: *eyes widen* One does not ask a lady that!
Guinevere Montgomery.

Me: Ahem . . .

Guinevere: Oh, I see. I am 19 years of age.

Me: Are you engaged?

Guinevere: Engaged? In what? I am engaged in a conversation with you, but other than that I do not--

Me: No, no, no. Not that engaged. Are you . . . . *thinks for the right word* Betrothed?

Guinevere: *face lights up* Yes! To my dear Gilbert. 'Tis a shame that I seemed to have been abducted from him--

Me: Guinevere! We are not discussing that right now!!! *leans to whisper* How many times have I told you, you are not abducted. You are being led to your destiny.

Guinevere: 'Tis a horrid destiny, if I must be forever apart from Gilbert. . .

Me: Hush. You'll like the way it all turns out. Trust me.

Guinevere: I will not trust you. *shouts* I shall never be happy without Gilbert!

Me: *facepalm* Next question. What is your biggest fear?

Guinevere: *diverts her eyes and sinks lower in her chair*

Me: Guinevere . . . . .

Guinevere: Um . . . . well, I fear not being liked by others. *twists handkerchief* I do so enjoy when people seek out my company. It makes me feel . . . . special. And loved.

Me: I see. Why do you fear that?

Guinevere: Could you ask another question?

Me: Um, yeah. Sure. *flips through cards* Uh . . . . What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Guinevere: *thoughtful* Hmm . . . well, becoming betrothed to Gilbert. Many ladies sought after him, and yet I was the one to capture his heart. Yes, my greatest accomplishment.

Me: You do realize that sounds quite . . . shallow?

Guinevere: 'Tis not! *scowl*

Me: *sigh* Next question . . . . What is your most treasured possession?

Guinevere: This. *reveals strange necklace* I do not know where it came from, but I have had it for as long as I remember!

Guinevere's Mother's pendant. I need to incorporate this necklace into my story.

Me: Um, nice. Next question . . . What is the thing you dislike most?

Guinevere: Other than you?

Me: *jawdrop* Excuse me? I can kill you with a sentence, and you have no respect for me? Fine! I'm sure you'll love falling off the ship or being captured by pirates or catching some horrible disease or--

Guinevere: *raises hand* Okay, I understand. Hmm . . . . Marc Barrington.

Me: *nearly falls off chair* Why do you dislike him?!?!?! You're supposed to fall in lo--

Guinevere: *examines fingernails* He is frustrating.

Me: *eyeroll* Why? Because he doesn't fall for your charming ways?

Guinevere: Next question.

Me: That was a question!!!

Guinevere: I do not care. Next one.

Me: GRRRR. Fine! How would you like to die?

Guinevere: *gasps and looks up* What? I . . . I--

Me: How. Do. You. Want. To. Die?

Guinevere: I'd like to die of old age. Peacefully, in my sleep.

Me: Good, I'll give you the opposite.

Guinevere: What!!!

Me: Good bye everyone! See you tomorrow! Tomorrow we'll be interviewing Marc Barrington!

Guinevere: You cannot kill me! I have witnesses!

Me: Will you be quiet? *waves* Bye, everyone! Mwah!

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. That was *hilarious*, good job!

    1. Thanks, Allison! I had fun arguing with her.

  2. Best. Interview. Ever. lol :D

    1. Haha, thanks. It was a ton of fun while I argued with her in my head. She is one to stand out.

  3. Great, Katelyn! I love how you interviewed her. But now, I can't do that if I decided to make a blog about my book, because I would be copying you! Katelyn!!! How could you? You could have just suggested that I do it!

    1. *laugh* I don't mind! Just start a blog about your books so I can read it! :P And besides, when we first started talking, you said you didn't want a blog, after I tried to tell you that having one was a good way to get readers! So it's your fault. ^_^ I am still innocent.

  4. Okay, yes, that was probably the funniest interview EVAR!!!! ^_^ :D

    1. Thanks. Believe me, I was really frustrated with her. She would never answer any of my questions like I wanted her to.

    2. Yeah, I think Ryan would have walked out of our interview if he could have. :P

    3. Haha, I was pretty sure he was going to. :)

    4. I might have *ahem* *coughtiedhimtohischaircough*. Luckily, Paul was there to help me. :)

    5. Oh, yes. That's always good to have Paul around. ^_^

  5. I have a few questions. They might be kind of personal. But I know some of the story of your life. 1. Don't you wanna know about your birth mom, I mean isn't she alive? Birth dad? 2. I know you were lied to, but don't you think you were overreacting just a bit when you find out? 3. Why would your 'parents' really send you away, I think it was so wrong. 4. Can't you try to get along with Breanna ( is that her name?) 5. And why would your parents make you the servant on the ship? There's other ways to help your character than that. That's just wrong. Oh and lastly, what do you really think about Marc and being on the ship? That's a lot of questions, you can chose to answer or not to answer.

    1. Guinevere: *looks to Katelyn* Who is this peasant asking me these preposterous things?
      Katelyn: My aunt.
      Guinevere: Do I HAVE to answer them?
      Katelyn: If you don't want to be killed off.

      Guinevere: Ugh. Fine.
      #1: Of course I want to know my birth mum and father. I don't know if she's alive, as my DEAR creator has yet to tell me.
      #2: OF COURSE I WAS OVERREACTING!!!! That's what I do best. But my whole life was shattered when my CREATOR revealed to me my dark secret.
      #3: I have no clue. Ask the creator. (Katelyn: They wanted to give her some space to think and gain some positive qualities.)
      #4: *clears throat* Breanne is horrid. I refuse to get along with her. I detest her and always shall.
      #5: Again, the question must be directed towards my creator. (Katelyn: Yeah, there were other ways, but I figured this would go against everything Guinevere believed, so it was the one to create most conflict.)
      #6: Marc and the ship? Well, Marc's okay. But I loath the ship. Marc is a bit too serious at times, he could definitely use some humor. But the ship is horrid.

      Well, hope that satisfies your curiosity!