Monday, June 25, 2012

"Endangered" cast: David . . . .

Hello all! Today I am interviewing Marc's best friend, David Mendes. I hope you enjoy meeting him!

David Mendes (Uh, last name is still being worked on.), Marc's best friend.

Hello David! How are you today?

David: Quite well, actually. 

Me: Yay! I'm so glad to hear that. The others, so far, have been in bad moods and--

David: This won't take long will it?

Me: Um, no. Not if you answer the questions quickly. Why?

David: I must find Cordelia. I have little time for frivolous things such as answering silly question and--

Me: David, just hush. We'll be finished soon if you just let me do the asking, and you do the answering. Got it? You people are really ungrateful. Were it not for me, you would not even exist in anyone's imagination. 

David: But--

Me: No buts. Just hush. Listen. Codelia's fine. Let me worry about her. You just do what I tell you to do and everything will go smoothly. 

David: . . . . . 

Me: Now, for the questions. How old are you?

David: What if Codelia isn't--


David: *blink* Someone's in a bad mood today.

Me: Actually, I'm in a bad mood because none of you people answer my questions like you need to. Just answer the questions, I will worry about all of problems in your life. Okay? Good.

David: Fine. I am 23 years old. 

Me: Thank you. What do you think of Marc?

David: He's my best friend. What do you think I think of him?

Me: Just answer the question. 

David: *huff* He's a good person, despite his childhood. He is loyal, honorable, and kind. He has a temper, but he is very good at keeping it under control. He's amusing, and always finds some kind of trouble to get into. There much more, but it'd take hours to list. 

Me: Okay. What do you think of Guinevere?

David: I cannot judge her character when I have spoken so little to her. 

Me: That's nice. But still, what do you think of her, overall?

David: Well, she seems to be stubborn and flighty. She is a flirt. She is frivolous. 

Me: Does she have any good qualities?

David: *shrug* I suppose. Everyone has at least one good quality, I am sure. 

Me: Can you list a few?

David: Well, she . . . . um . . . . . I think . . . .  *sigh* I cannot think of anything. I am sure she is a kind person, deep down. She just has a few . . . . issues. 

Me: *blink* I see. *scribbles down in notebook* I'll get that fixed. What do you think of Breanne?

David: She's different.

Me: *glances up* And how is that?

David: She is not afraid of anyone. Though she is a mere servant, she refuses to be intimidated by those of higher status. She has a temper, but she does not try to restrain it very often. She is kind and caring, but certain people anger her. 

Me: Okay. What do you think of the story?

David: I think you could make my life a little easier. 

Me: *eye roll* Everyone says that. Sorry. Easy lives aren't interesting. They don't get published. Sorry, but I think having your life in a complete mess is working out much better than I had originally planned. 

David: But my sister? Really?

Me: *shrug* I didn't really plan that. It sort of wrote itself there. But it's working better! And the suspense! How could you not love that?

David: Because my only sibling is in danger, and you're having fun while writing about it!

Me: But you would have never met Breanne otherwise. 

David: Next question.

Me: What do you want to happen at the end of the book?

David: I want my life to be easier! I want my life to be fixed and perfect again. 

Me: Eh, that won't happen until the end of book 3. 

David: Book 3? I did not sign a contract for that. I do not want a book 3. Can we please just finish everything in book 1?

Me: No. Series sell better. Publishers are more inclined to publish series than they are stand alone books. 

David: So my life is going to be a mess for two more books?

Me: Uh, yeah! I mean, your life can't be perfect after the first one. I mean, that would be horrible. 

David: *mutters* To you.

Me: Well, you can go now. We will discuss the publishing biz later. Okay? Great. 

God bless!
Galatians 6:9 KJV


  1. Haha . . . an interesting interview in which I learned almost NOTHING about David. :D I did learn about publishing, though. *giggle*

    1. :P David is a very secretive person. I know very little about him, myself.